Some N Scale Module shots from the 2005 NTS


I ran into John and Chris Saturday morning. It's always nice to meat other Forum'ers or is it Foamers? That's me on the left. I did not bother to take photo's of the new N Scale products, as that will be done by everyone on the web, so I just looked over some interesting N modules.

I was doing the Z Scale thing this show, but I had to look over the modules, and this one surely caught my eye:

The cars were really moving around the track, which is why the camera blurred them:

I think this was the module everyone was talking about at the show this year. There was a train underneath with magnets on top of the cars which was propelling the race cars around the track. The effect worked out real nice.

Other things I seen were this neat Drive In Theater:

And last year's module of the tornado that I wanted to see up close:

The clouds and devastation was a real nice effect:

Here is a cool canyon module I had seen pictures of before, but wanted a picture of. I would like to do something like this in Z:

And another nice bridge scene that I needed a closer look at: