The Z-Bend Track modular layout at the NTS was Big!


The area taped out on the floor was 90'x70'. We had about 70 people working on the modules and BYOZ area, including 5 kids and 12 women, from 12 clubs (8 brought modules to set up and 1 more brought BYOZ), representing 15 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. We've had Z modelers from as far as Oregon, Washington, and California, to Florida, Canada, and the complete East Coast.

The measurements of the modules came out to about 280 linear feet of modules totaling about 28 scale miles of mainline (approximately 680 feet), almost 5 miles of which are on the 7 helixes of the new, improved Swiss Gothard Line modules. I haven't calculated how many miles of tunnels there are yet. I hope someone shows up with an odometer car because I don't know how else we can measure it. Speaking of measuring, I believe the highest point on the Gothard Line modules is about 9 feet above the floor, that's around 1100 scale feet high!

We've had at least 6 BYOZ layouts and we were set up right next to the Poorville & Debt City, Val Ease and Dave
George's modular layout. These 4 shots are the complete Z Scale area starting with David George's ZBT modules at a lower height for the kids to better see:

Here is Bill Kronenberger at this end of the modules, running around fixing a few electrical bugs:

In the foreground is Terry Sutfin's layout, with one corner of Rob Allbritton's new Gothard Line modules towering above his crew in the background. The crowd was totally blown away when they seen the Matterhorn modeled in Z!

The Gothard line has 7 helixes inside, and is just plain huge! I helped lift one of the 12 foot by 6 foot modules in place with 7 other guys, and it was the heaviest module I ever helped move in my life!

The guy responsible for these modules (Rob Allbritton) was literally dwarfed by their towering stature:

And they were very well detailed too: