A few Z Photo's from the Seattle 2004 NTS

Rob Kluz was manning the Ztrack booth. He was giving away copies of Ztrack to show goers.

Harald was showing his F40PH's, and we got to see them run on the Northwest Pacific Z Scalers layout. (Andy and Tom are in the background by the BYOZ tables)

Here's a closeup of the Caltrain version on Andy Hunting's scratchbuilt trestle:

Ilona was also manning the FR side of the Ztrack booth:

She was running their Zm boxcab, which was very tiny. Show goers were really impressed over this one!

Searails had their product displayed at the Ztrack booth too, and this is their new MiJack Container Crane:

Here's Hans running his Sounder train over Andy's trestle:

The F59PHI locomotive ran beautifully, and looks fantastic!

The cars were also very nice.

Outside, at the King Street Station was the real thing. I seen this train at the station Tuesday while embarking on a train ride up the Stampede Pass:

I did a lot of prototype and layout tours where I met Trainboard Member pdx1955. Peter went on a couple tours with me, the N Scale Layouts tour, and the Rail Museums tour. Here's Peter in Issaquah admiring the porter: