Bay Area Z photos from the GATS at the Cow Palace Jan 2006



 I spotted these 60' bulkhead cars. Never before seen in Z Scale. Too bad the photo is fuzzy.


 Here's the train with the bulkhead cars running on Jeff's modules, pulled by ditch light equip GP39-E's

Here's Jeff's mine. You can see the lights go way back down inside. Very cool. Just in time for Jeff's mine scene are these Make My Models trucks.

We have the Y configuration set up again for out Z-Bend Track modules. This leg is 3 of my modules. The Orbit Drive-In end module, the Timesaver/Trestle 15 degree module, and the soon to be reworked Issaquah module. BAZ members Jeff Merrill is talking to Kim Vellore on the right, and in the tie dyed shirt is Steve Wesolowski.

Here's a bunch of my scratch built cars in front of Tim Buehring's Grain Elevator.

Here is a shot of Jeff's Mine end module with the AZL Amtrak Surfliner passing out of the tunnel.

More BAZ members, Matt Petach, Loren Snyder, and Jim Manley behind Loren's leg of the Y, a 30 degree bend module, and 6' turnaround tunnel module. Jim was showing BAZ movies on the big screen in the back. Other clubs were complaining that we go too far, and our modules are too high for visitors, but we also have the BYOZ tables to keep the smaller kits occupied.

Lionel Gazeau joined us, and brought some examples of his excellent scratchbuilding for display. The Nn3 club's One-Trak modules are in the background against the wall, just prior to opening Sunday morning

Here are some of Lionel's work on Jeff's Y. The stable and wagon were laser cut by Kim.

The detail and craftsmanship Lionel puts into his work is simply fantastic!


Every model is part of a mini scene that tells it's own story, so you jeep looking in wonder over the detail.

Here is Loren making trees for his modules at the BYOZ tables. Kim is at the next table setting up his animated, lighted house with working garage door, and moving cars.

I made this Fire Lookout tower for Loren's mountainous modules in trade for some of his trees.

This is Loren's end module, and it looks like it will need thousands of trees to populate it. I'm not sure if the fire lookout will go on this module or the other one, but it will be well hidden with trees when he is done!