Atlas/Rivarossi 4-6-2 w/LE077XF

This Pacific class locomotive was made in Jan 1969, and runs good enough to warrant DCC conversion. It is a simple job compared to many other conversions, now that the Lenz LE077XF is available. This photo is after the install, and as you can see, the shell fits fine. The decoder actually has a little bit of room to move around, providing better airflow.

The shell is held on by a screw in the steam dome. I started by making a vertical cut across the frame above the motor to the left of the green box. Next I made a horizontal cut through the frame from the back of the motor. I filed it smooth, and their is just enough room for the decoder now.

I used my dremel to mill the inside of the cab roof out just enough to allow the decoder to fit up in there, for extra clearance, and test fit often. Actually it was very, very quick work.

I used a piece of double sticky sided carpet tape, instead of foam tape because it is a lot thinner, and mounted the decoder. Wiring is as straightforward as can be... Solder the black wire to the solder tab for the tender connection, the orange and gray to the motor, and the red gets screwed into the frame. I used a T1 size white led in series with a 1/8 watt 560 ohm resistor for the headlight, and shrink wrapped the connections. Not shown was that I used a small piece of electrical tape to hold the LED wires to the side of the frame when I put the shell back on.