OK, my corrugation tool may look daunting at first, but I whipped it together out of junk from the garage in 20 minutes.

The work is done by the screws, in N-Scale that's 8-32 size. For a simple and quick tool just get the longest 8-32 screws you can find, 3" is good, 1 1/2" will work, and a small chunk of plywood. (Plywood won't split on you when you screw the screws in like other wood will)

Use a nail to dent-mark (center punch) 2 holes in the plywood, spaced 3/16" apart. Use a 1/8" drill and carefully drill the 2 holes, being careful not to let the bit wander. They will be very close and may even open up the gap between the 2 holes.

Next, just screw one screw all the way to the bottom of the plywood piece (the hole may be a little tight, but a little force, and a stubby screwdriver helps), turn the plywood over and screw the other screw in from the bottom, all the way in.

Now you can see why longer screws are better, because you have to put the foil between the screws, and at the top of the long screw tool, they separate easily.

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