The next step, the fun one, is done in the kitchen sink when your wife is not home. Hehe!

Don your safety gear, (Goggles and Gloves).

Get all your scale roofing in the tub, tub in the sink, and a Popsicle stick (or something to stir with) handy. Make sure some counter space is handy to put the Etchant bottle.

Pour just enough Etchant in to coat your roofing (about 1 ounce), and quickly set the bottle aside. (no time to put the lid on the bottle)

Stir quickly to coat all pieces, then with one hand on the water faucet, and the other on the tub, wait for the reaction to start. When the roofing starts bubbling and smoking (don't breath the fumes), Let the reaction go for 5 seconds then turn on the water and fill the tub up like in the photo.

The etching is still going on, but at a very slow rate. I stir up the roofing and it sinks to the bottom, then as small bubbles form they float to the top.

The next step is to fish out the roofing and rinse it off. I hope my wife never sees this photo, she would kill if she saw this stuff on her table!

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