Just pour it in, then use the bamboo skewer point to work out any bubbles from the mold. The headlights and tail fins like to hold bubbles. I kept teasing out bubbles for about 5 minutes until I could tell the CR-600 was thickening. With the CR-300 you have 10 to 60 seconds, and I have made a 57' Nomad Lollypop with the CR-300.

Envirotex is a little different. You will make 2 pours and let each dry 1 day. If you try to do it in just one thick pour, you may end up with goo that will not ever dry. I have always been lucky with Envirotex, but the one time I did do a single pour, The cars came out rubbery. After 3 years they are still flexible and rubbery!

If you are using the Envirotex you will have plenty of time to get the bubbles out. Just blow over the Envirotex and the little bubbles pop.

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