This page shows the second module. There will be a Saw Mill behind the arch bridge, and there is 2 sidings and a log pond on this module. This module is 1.5' by 4'. I am limited on space so I modified the N-Trak spec for 1 main, 1 branch, and 1 mountain division, spaced 1.5", 3", and 9" from the front, raised 1" high for the mountain division. If you seen the old picture you may remember the old Walthers backdrop. I grew weary of the bubbling peeling paper and had to teach myself how to paint backdrops.  I also replaced the bridge, and the track with code 55.

The next photo shows the right side of this module as it was with the old backdrop and code 80 track.

I have installed a Cab outlet on the fascia board for my NCE DCC controller.

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