The New E-Pass has arrived!

The old pass was retired with pass # 099 issued to the Rattlesnake Mountain Railroad Company on 02/10/2002

What is an E-Pass? Model Railroader tradition has always been that when you visit someone's layout, they would have you sign their guest book, and in return give you a "Boarding Pass" to their railroad. The E-pass is a way of offering a boarding pass to visitors of your web layout! They're fun to collect, you can use the ones you receive to link to that railroads homepage. See the E-Passes I received and visit these fine railroads HERE.

E-Mail to request yours. Please include:

1) Your name as you would like it printed.

2) Your e-mail address.

3) Your homepage if you have one.

4) I would also like to receive an e-pass from your railroad if you have them.