The 24' NP 1600 Series Wood Caboose

This is the 3rd and final version of the NP 24' wood cabooses I made.

It's actually an upgrade to the 1200 and 1700 models as well, with much better Brake Details, MT Smoke Jack, and Plywood Roof. All 3 series get reworked with these improvements.


3 window side, showing AB Valve and AB Cylinder. Note the toilet window is on this side with the 1600 series.

The 2 window side with Air Reservoir and MT Smoke Jack visible

Close-up showing window sill update, nut/bolt/washer castings, end sill with end grabs, and better step profile.

The under frame has been modified with better brake gear details, nicer coupler pockets that allow gluing in couplers, and use of stronger plywood components

The 1200 Series caboose to the left received different curved ladder ends with a smaller loop and different roof walks, and the window sills are appropriate.

Here is a picture of the finished unpainted 1200 Series model, highlighting some of the changes mentioned above

And here is a shot of the under frame showing the brake gear made from wood!