When I went to the 2004 Seattle NMRA Convention, I had the opportunity to tour a couple old NP stations. This one had been recently rebuilt, and had been painted in near original Brown paint with Green, White, and Red trim. I really liked this station so I built it in Z Scale and painted it in the Sand and Brown scheme that it last wore in the NP era. 


Here's the front:


And here's the back:


I built another final version, and decided to paint it in the colors the depot wears today:

I made a few enhancements, like more accurate chimney's, added signs, figures, and details to enhance the scene.

I also made my own laser cut shingles. The first model has $10 worth of Paper Creek Model Works laser cut shingles, and I had to reduce the cost. The first ones I made cost about $7 worth of laser time, but I figured out how to reduce the costs to under $2 worth of laser time.