Z Scale Turnout Jig Modification

I had my Fast Tracks Turnout Jigs modified so I could get a better soldering angle on the ties. The problem I had was that the PC Ties sat too low in their slot to allow the soldering iron tip to contact just the tie. The tip would also contact the side of the Tie Slot, and draw away the heat I needed for a quick solder joint. Many people said it was just my soldering technique, ok... :) This is a Z Scale tie folks! (.041" wide)


Here is my Narrow Gauge friend, Steve Wesolowski, Firing up his Sherline in preparation for the job.


This is what Steve did, He milled out an area at the ends of the tie slots that was half the depth of the tie slots, to allow access for my soldering iron to come in at 45 degrees to the tie, and the solder to come in 90 degrees from the soldering iron tip.


Here is a close-up of a Tie sitting in the slot. Notice that the top of the tie sits below the top of the tie slot. It has to sit that low so the rail can fit in its perpendicular slot.


And now I can get a comfortable angle for quickly soldering the rails to the ties without the heatsink effect of the jig contacting the soldering iron tip. Special thanks go to Steve Wesolowski for milling my jig, and Jim Hoover for his suggestions, tips, and moral support during my time of frustration.