I had ordered my Fast Tracks Z Scale jigs in mid February after learning of the Z Scale product. As an early adopter, there was a learning curve, and about the time I posted of my problems, another member of the Yahoo Z Scale list reported the same thing. 

  I had received an offer from list member Jim Hoover, as well as from Tim Warris of Fast Tracks offering to modify my jigs, but I choose to have a local member of my NMRA region do the mods because it was quicker.

  Don Avila of the Z Scale list took Tim up on his offer to modify his jigs, and has shared photos of the mod that Tim Warris has made to the Z Scale jigs to make soldering the ties easier. Here are the photo's:

As you can see, the whole area surrounding the tie slot has been milled lower.

Here you can see how low the ties sit, even with the milled surround. Access with the soldering iron has been greatly improved.

Thanks again to Don Avila for sharing his photos with us, and Tim Warris for providing and supporting these fine jigs!