70 Ton Square Hatch Covered Hopper from the 1940's

For the final rev look here:

This is the first attempt, with a roof I was just not happy with. Something was missing. Also the paint scheme was not correct for this early car.

Here we go, this is the correct G.N. paint scheme for this time period, on this second generation attempt. The roof had been fixed for a more prototypical appearance too.

The roofwalk is raised on slats now, as well as the hatches.

I had drawings and photo's of the Frisco car too, however, as with the G.N., they were black and white, so I had to do a little more research to verify the color first.

I like the hopper bay cutout on the sides of these cars, but I will make some of another manufacturers cars that do not have the cutouts for variety.

I made some NP decals after finding out the data. The NP cars were built by ACF in 1963 to match the earlier cars, but with a slightly larger capacity than the earlier ones.