Mogul Tender Shorty Style


I got my new Bumble Bee painted Marklin Mogul, and decided it needed a new tender. There is nothing wrong with the tender provided, however I like the shorty tender that some of the NP moguls had late in their lifetimes. 

Working with a new material, cast acrylic sign plastic, I laser cut the parts, and assembled following a drawing in a 1950's MR book, and this is what I ended up with:

As you can see the sign plastic is 2 layers, a .003" color layer, and .017" white layer, and is designed for name badges, however works and feels just like styrene. It cuts reasonably good, however tends to melt small details, so I plywood is still my medium of choice.

After applying a full coal load, paint, decals, MTL Nn3 trucks, and Z couplers, it looks reasonable behind my Mogul:

Rivet detail is always hard to do, and in this extreme close-up you can see that I faked out the rivets by burning small holes. In person or at reasonable magnification the rivets look ok though. I also cut some small triangular parts, and glued them over the coil springs to represent leaf springs on the MTL Nn3 Archbar trucks:

And now if you could please excuse me, I have some trains to run! :)