A MTL Z Scale Pennsy GP35 becomes a BN GP39E


Well, I disassembled the loco yesterday when it arrived, and tonight after taking care of Covered Hopper orders, I started on my GP mod.


It shouldn't be too difficult to whip up something like the GP39E out of a GP35, but the version I wanted to build was as rebuilt from a GP30, so I needed that art deco thing going on.

Here is my progress, 3 days after getting the model. As you can see, I have the bodywork done. I filed off the 36" fan from between the larger rear fans, but left enough remaining to hint at a plate welded over the original hole left from the GP 30. I also relocated the horns to the back:

I cut all the mod parts from sign acrylic, and turned a piece of brass wire to make the firecracker antenna.

I also fashioned a Pilot, and Snow Plow out of Acrylic, then used brass wire to form the MU hoses.

Overall, the model, although not perfect, catches the flavor of the prototype so far. More to come.

Well, it's only been a few hours, but I already finished my model. I have not DCC's it yet, and will probably wait until after the GATS in 2 weeks, as I have to get my module ballasted first.

Side by side, you can see there is quite a bit different than the Pennsy GP35 it started out as.

I had made decals before, but without a model to measure, they were the wrong size, so I made new decals today.

I still need to put the numbers on the number boards, but I ran out of time this weekend, so that will be another day.