I entered a contest at Trainboard.com and was awarded favorite entry for an F7 AB pair.

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posted 08 May 2000 11:04 AM 

Before I announce our winner let me state once again that:

The contest is not about "winning." The reason that we run these contests is to
see all of the great work that you create. It has been a pleasure to see each and
every one of these entries.
It is hard to judge entries from photographs but that is the only way we have to do
it. I don't think you want to send me your entries for a test! 
Our Moderators attempted to vote based not on the quality of the photograph.
Each of the entries was deserving of winning and all were "10's" in my opinion. (I
did not vote personally.)
I did receive e-mail from people who did not enter because they felt that EACH and
EVERY entry was so much better than what they had done. Of course, I
encouraged them to enter anyway but no one who e-mailed me did 

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who entered!

Our judges favorite entry was:

pray59 - Northern Pacific F7 A&B

Running a close second was:

rail_fan from Switzerland - BNSF SD70MAC

Let me also add that EACH entry was mentioned by our judges as many of them had a
hard time picking a favorite. Our GREAT JOB award goes to you all! 

Users wishing to comment further on the entries from the contest should start a new
topic in the modeling forum that relates to the scale of the entry as the Contest Forum
will now be active with our new contest and all of the entries have been archived. You
can access the Archives from the main forum page at the bottom if you would like to look
at the entries further.

Thanks for making our first contest a success and we hope everyone will participate in
our new contest as well.