The Sub N Page 

SUB-N is my modular standard I worked out based off the popular N-Trak standard,
but modified to better fit in small rooms or apartments, and eliminate the "showy"
3 track mainline. Using the modular concept, you can rearrange your modules to
the available space, and if you have a buddy with SUB-N modules, you can setup a
bigger layout. 

Well it all started when I moved to Salinas, CA , into a small 1 bedroom apartment,
away from the club and my vast garage. I had N-Trak modules in a bay of my garage,
in Boise, ID. I belonged to the Snake River N-Scale Model Railroaders club. I really
enjoyed the modular concept, and the 3 track main worked well for shows, but
what about a home layout, and what if you don't have enough time for one of the
"Big City" N-Trak clubs? What if you don't have a big enough room to setup a
modular layout, but need to be portable? 

After looking into local clubs schedules, and finding it wasn't going to work
with my schedule, I worked out specifications for a modular railroad that I could
fit into a small apartment, and rearrange as I moved. I needed standards, so SUB-N
was born! Go to the specifications page for more info.