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Thursday and Friday Morning I attended clinics, then the train show started. (as you can tell by my lack of updates I was starting to burn out by Wednesday)

Friday afternoon was spent going over the goods at the train show. The show was huge. It took 4 hours to go over everything, and I met some old railroader friends from Boise too!

I was looking for NP Rolling Stock and Steam Engines, and found Micro-trains collector cars. No NP Steam in N-Scale,  although there was brass and plastic in many other roads. What was surprising was the quantity of Nn3 products available.

There were so many new products, so many club layouts, and reseller booths, that I forgot to take pictures. I was just plain overwhelmed. If you ever get a chance to attend a train show like this, you'll understand.

I wish I could cover more subjects that many of you not able to attend wanted to hear about, but just this much required days from 6:00am to 12:00am, and since I'm on vacation, I'm resting Saturday and Sunday.   Happy Railroading!