The DCC Pages

On these pages I will show how I wired my NCE DCC system, The locomotive conversions done, and other DCC projects:

For the layout wiring go here:

For the Atlas/Rivarossi 4-6-2 w/Lenz LE077FX go here:

For the NCE Wireless Procab  Battery Saver fix go here:

For the Atlas GP7-TT  w/Lenz LE0511W go here:

For the Atlas RS-1 w/Lenz LE0511W go here:

The Z Mikado gets a Lenz Gold Mini DCC Decoder Here:


I started with the MRC Command 2000 system and later upgraded to the NCE Powerhouse Pro system.


Later I upgraded my system to the NCE Wireless system:

And now I have my NCE System connected to a computer that runs Decoder Pro for programming decoders on both the programming track and mainline! I also run Automatic Train Control, so I can run scripts that will run multiple trains around the layout. Also the computer is connected to a cable modem, and its speakers are placed on the layout so I can listen to streaming railroad content from Live Railroad Radio Communications over the internet.

That's my work area. Having the monitor right there makes it easy to build a specific model, cause I can look up prototype photos over the web and get different perspectives of the model as I build. It works out better than just books!